Why I See a Midwife (No, I’m Not Pregnant)

A heart shaped bowl of fruits and vegetables

I just booked an appointment with my midwife. No, I’m not having a baby – or planning on becoming pregnant – but this midwife  (Tina Alessi, CNM, in Morristown, New Jersey) provides many of the same services as an OB/GYN. In fact, she’s part of an established OB/GYN practice. She worked with me throughout my…

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Why Limiting Screen Time Helps Kids

A woman sitting on the couch holding her phone.

Proof about something I’ve always believed: a new study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, found children get more sleep, do better in school, behave better, and see other health benefits when parents limit content and the amount of time their children spend on the computer or in front of the TV. The Effect of Screens on Kids…

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7 Healthier Baking Swaps You Should be Making Today

A close up of heart shaped cookies on a plate

I’m getting ready to do a bunch of holiday baking with my kids this weekend and early next week. While it’s easy to just make the recipes exactly as they’re spelled out in the cookbooks we’ll be using, I researched some healthier swaps – that I’ll sneak in when the kids aren’t looking. I also got…

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A Proven Way to Control Crazy Food Cravings

A spoon is full of sugar and it's contents are falling down.

I used to crave sugar desperately….morning, noon (mostly), and night. I was a full-on sugar addict. I would find reasons to whip up a batch of cookies (or a cake) all the time. And I drank a chai tea latté (from a mix that was loaded with sugar) every morning. In fact, I looked forward…

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Mom of Four with MS: “I Never Thought I Could Be an Athlete”

A woman riding on the back of a bicycle.

Just five years ago, San Diego-based Aurora Gonzalez Colello was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis); 10 lesions were discovered on her brain, through an MRI, after excruciating pain caused vision loss in one eye. She was told by her doctor not to exercise (heating up the body during exercise has been known to trigger MS…

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Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough?

A bright sun shining in the blue sky.

Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is actually a hormone produced by the body in response to sunlight. It is also occurs naturally in a few foods, including some fish, fish liver oils, and egg yolks-and in fortified dairy and grain products. It’s hard, though, to get enough vitamin D through food alone-unless you…

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5 Best Foods for Moms-and Kids

A pile of blueberries with leaves on top.

As a mom of three, I try…really, really try, to make sure my kids eat the right foods. But let’s just say that “yucky!!†is a common response to the good foods that I like to cook: veggies (like sweet peppers), quinoa, and beans (no surprise, right?). But, after some very frustrating trial and error, I’ve found…

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When It Comes to Health, Women Aren’t Men

A person in red boots walking on the street.

I read an enlightening-and at the same time disturbing-article in The New York Times about how women should be taking less (half as much!) than what has been the recommended dosage of sleeping pills, particularly Ambien. This according to the Food and Drug Administration. I don’t take the pills, but I know plenty of women who depend on…

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A letter to my son…about respect

A child standing on the beach looking at the ocean.

I wrote this letter to my older son when he was younger—after one too many questions from him about the newspaper headlines featuring all the killings that are happening in our crazy, messed-up world. That, and I start crying whenever I read about violence to children and babies (particularly newborn babies being thrown in dumpsters—when…

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A few thoughts on why change is good…

A road going through the woods with sun shining in

We all fear change: we get so used to the path we’re plugging away on (sometimes mindlessly)…that sometimes we get scared when we’re forced to divert to a different path or do something different. My advice: don’t fear it. It’s life’s way of gently guiding you to what you should be doing. And chances are:…

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