A few thoughts on why change is good…

A v is shown for the letter v.

We all fear change: we get so used to the path we’re plugging away on (sometimes mindlessly)…that sometimes we get scared when we’re forced to divert to a different path or do something different. My advice: don’t fear it. It’s life’s way of gently guiding you to what you should be doing. And chances are: you may just be happier in the long run. A few bits of advice on change in your life.

1) Listen to your body, to your gut, as you go through life. That nagging feeling that sometimes causes you to lose sleep or get a “pit†in your stomach? That’s your gut telling you about what you’re doing or where you should be going. Listen to it: it’s your body’s built-in compass.

2) Things happen for a reason. It’s so hard to understand this when you’re in thick of things, but—like it or not—life has a plan for us. And sometimes we need a good shake up to get to where we’re supposed to be going in life. That could be a health scare that lands us in the hospital (because we need to be living healthier) or a job upheaval that puts you on the unemployment line. (How many stories do we hear about people who were fired from a job…and then went on, as a result, to start a successful business following their life’s passion?)

3) You have nothing to fear. The worst that can happen with change is “failureâ€, but “failure†can be defined in each person’s mind differently. Success isn’t necessarily defined as a big ol pot of money at the end of the road. In my mind, as long as you’ve learned something along the way, you’ve succeeded!